Me at new years eve...pic

You know you've worked in hotels when....

1) Getting up at 4am on sunday is standard practice.2) You can't switch on anything electrical without a credit card sized piece of plastic.3) getting…
agica Aug 05, 2008
Agica with her biiig smilepic

Firs Journal ~ Bubble

Well! I decided, that i will have a journal here. Firs i translate some of my offical journals. Sorry for the spelling mistakes! My english…
agica Sep 29, 2007


I know, this is kinda wierd. But i think, itt`s funny. So this is the real VAM. XD
agica Sep 13, 2007
Family Guy's Viva La Bam Tributevid

Family Guy's Viva La Bam Tribute

This video is so funny!
agica Sep 12, 2007


agica Sep 11, 2007
Bam vs. a copvid

Bam vs. a cop

agica Aug 26, 2007
Artist on Artist: Iggy Pop Bam Margeravid
BAM Minghags BTSvid

BAM Minghags BTS

Bam is so angry XD
agica Aug 24, 2007
H.I.M. Join Me livevid

H.I.M. ¤ Join Me (live)

I still can't breath! I can't belive how beautyful Ville is!
agica Aug 16, 2007
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  • Member Since: 2007-02-26
  • Relationship Status: single
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Atheist
  • Drink: Yes
  • Smoke: Yes
  • Children: Someday
  • Education: Some College

About Me:

I'm Agica.
I'm 25.
I live in London.
I'm hungarian.
Some people think, that i'm crazy.
Some people think, that i'm normal.
I think, i'm both of them.
I love music.
I love people.
I love to walk on the streets.
I love the smell of the grass after rain.
I love books.
I love to walk in the snow.
I love white vine.
I love Tequilla.
I love to smoke.
I love the long chats with my friends.
I love lakes.
I love to smile.
I love my hair.
I'm not a goth.
I'm not a vampire.
I'm not a freak.
I'm not a punk.
I'm not a glamorous.
I`m not a princess.
I'm myself.
All of this, and none of them.


Music, Art, Books, People

Favorite Music:

His Infernal Majesy, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Sisters Of Mercy, Vains Of Jenna, Quireboys, The 69 Eyes, Tiamat, Fleur de Lille, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, ..., I love the music., Without music the life is so empty., It`s a magic., I love the glam rock., I love goth music. (But i`m NOT a goth!!!), I love classical music. Mozart, Beetoven, Brahms, all of them..., I like some pop music as well. Sometimes it`s nice to not thinking, just dance. The popmusic is perfect for it. U realy don`t have to think abaut it.

Favorite Movies:

Scarface, and all of the Al Pachino films..., Interview With the Vampire, Cruel Intetions, Dangeours Liasons, Schindlers List, Gone in 60 Seconds, Uvegtigris, Swordfish, Grease, ...

Favorite TV Shows:

News, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Viva La Bam, Little Brittain, Music channels, ...

Favorite Books:

I love the books., I love to read., I don`t realy have a favorite book, but if i have to say sometings, i say:, The Dirt (Motley Crue Autobiograpy), Anne Rice books, Robert Merle books, ...